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Why Bother?

People ask me why I train...

I’m not an athlete and I currently have no intention of competing in a physique or powerlifting competition. What started in my late teens as the desire to look better to finally get a girlfriend and stop being the skinny kid that was once the bullied fat kid, has nothing to do with that anymore. It’s gone far beyond:

- It has taught me the value of discipline and consistency. Time and again, no matter how I feel or what’s going on in my life, I will show up and train.

- It makes me feel good. I always leave a workout feeling better. This is backed by research which indicates training reduces the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

- It is an opportunity to be only in the moment, to be free. In an intense and heavy workout, you have no choice but to be completely present and aware of your body. Exactly the key principle of mindfulness.

- It has taught me to take care of my body, and inspired me to explore my mind. I am less prone to self abuse, and more interested in self respect.

- Lastly, it enables that inner fat kid to occasionally run free. It’s nice to have a pig out once in a while!

I hope some of these things resonate with you, and remind you why you bother the next time you feel insecure, unmotivated or anxious when working out.

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